Ledbury Carnival 1998 - Escapologist

Nick Janson

Act 1. Escape from a straight jacket, hung upside down, attached to a burning rope, quite high up in the air.

Burning Rope Burning Rope
Here you see Nick hanging upside down on a burning rope. Unleaded Petrol used! He is wearing a straight jack Time's Running out and he has escaped.

Act 2. Escape from a bomb!

High Street Nick Janson
The street was sealed off, to protect the audience. Nick Janson, in the red, looking calm.
Enter the Bomb Hands Handcuffed.
He now enters the bomb, His hands are handcuffed.
Plane Rises Countdown
Nick is inside the bomb. The Plane is raised Up in the air. The countdown begins. Does he escape?
Escape Escape
The bomb dropped to the ground, with a loud bang. Where is Nick. Oh look, he is coming down on a rope. He arrived on the ground safely. He escaped. What an act!
Bomb Damage
Look at the dent. It fell from the plane to the ground. It was very real.

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