Ledbury Carnival 1998 - Bungee Jumping

The Bungee Jumping. For the first time in the history of the Ledbury Carnival, 35 brave Ledbury people got the chance to Bungee Jump in the middle of the High Street. The jumpers were lifted 160 feet to the top and BUNGEE!! It cost 50GBP a jump, but the fee includes membership to the Bungee Jumping Club, which allows jumpers to jump again for half price. This page follows one such jumper. His name was Jon Brierley.

Bungee Jump Bungee Jump
The bottom of the crane. That purple thing in the back is the inflatable to catch people if any of the safety devices fail. Luckly, it wasn't needed! Here's Jon, before the jump.
Bungee Jump Bungee Jump
Here you see him in the crane, with the safety devices in place. The crane is slowly lifted. Brave Simon Bird (on the right, also from Tesco) went up with him to take photos of him jumping.
Bungee Jump Bungee Jump
Now at the top. Any minute now! A view before he jumps. Look at the town from the top. Not many people get to see it from that height.
Bungee Jump Bungee Jump
There he goes! The town below.
Bungee Jump Bungee Jump
On the way down, upside down Well done. He done it. Safely on the ground again.

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